The place & the people of Kah-Nee-Tah

Our Story

We became the new Owners of the Gallery on December 8th, 2014, and decided to close for a couple of weeks while we got ourselves organized and settled in.  Since then we have been spending our days talking with our artists, getting involved in the art community in town and acclimating to Gallery life.

History of KNT

Before it was Kah-Nee-Tah Gallery & Cottages, it was known as Moosehorn Cabins. Some of Cook County’s most beloved residents lived here in the past including Jan Sivertson of the Sivertson’s Gallery & Charlie Skinner of Lutsen Mountain. 

Three of the five structures that exist on the property were brought here and two already existed when it was purchased by Jeanne and Suellen in 1989. The secondary Gallery building was moved in 1989 from Grand Marais where it used to be a Real Estate Office. There was actually a completely different building where the Lakeview Cottage now resides. The building that we know now as the Lakeview Cottage, as well as the building to the west of the Gallery, came from an old resort that used to be across from Issak Hansens just down the road where Grandview Park now exists; they were relocated here in 1990. Interesting fact, there was no plumbing back when there were year round residents in the cottages, they only had outhouses. Around the time Jeanne and Suellen purchased the Resort, Ms. Sivertson moved out of the Woodland Cottage. 

The Meaning of Kah-Nee-Tah

What does it mean?! We get this question a lot!

Kah-Nee-Tah literally translated means “Gift of the Gods” in Ojibwe.

When the old owners Jeanne and Suellen first decided to uproot their lives in the cities and make the move to the Northwoods, it was because they believed that this Northwoods lifestyle we live up here is “like a gift from God”, and they decided use the Ojibwe language to name their business to pay tribute to the rich history of the Native Americans in this area.



Linda Garrity, Owner/operator

Linda has been a Lutsen resident since she moved to the North Shore in 2008, but hails from the great city of St Paul. Her background in real estate and home improvement are the reasons that she decided to buy this property. She saw the potential in this magical place. She is looking forward to continuing with future improvements to the  existing Gallery & Cottages while maintaining the charming features that make this place so extraordinary!

Friendly staff and great selection.
— Carol G.
Wonderful products and gifts PLUS great Owners
— Nancy H.
Always a nice experience.
— Kim H.

Danielle Fortin, Sales & Operations Manager

Originally from Maple Grove, Minnesota, Danielle graduated from DePaul University in Chicago where she studied Marketing. She moved up here with her fiancé in the Summer of 2013. They decided to leave their lives in Chicago and head for the North Woods before they got married, in hopes of settling down and starting a family here. They are now married and had their first child in January 2016!


Ollie B, Greeter

Ollie loves his job at KNT and takes his role as greeter very seriously, always making sure everyone who walks in the door feels welcome. He and his people moved up to the North Woods from Chicago in 2013, and quickly fell in love with his new environment and the freedom of rural life. His favorite pastimes are hiking, playing frisbee and chewing on bones, but he sure loves spending time at home with his family, too.


Sammie Garrity, Book exchange Manager

This is Linda’s Daughter Sammie. She took her love of reading and created our Free Book Exchange here at the gallery. There is a section for adults and kids alike! It’s simple; bring a book, take a book! In her spare time when she is not in school or managing the book exchange, Sammie loves weaving, drawing and dreaming of a career someday in the fashion industry. You can find some of Sammie’s creations for sale in the Gallery.

Excellent service
— James F.
Delightful hosts/Owners with a variety of beautiful items. We purchased ceramics and were delighted to be part of the art tour. Heartfelt thanks.
— Carol